I was born in the southern German town of Ludwigsburg. In 1994 I moved to Hamburg.

I started to take photographs of friends, family and my dog when I was a teenager, developing film and making prints in my own darkroom. 

Photography has been a passion I turned into my profession in the early 90s. 

I started my professional career with a series of editorial assignments and record covers.

I’m constantly looking for ways to show the beauty I see both in people and our surroundings. I
 like to keep everything simple, authentic and genuine. I prefer to photograph with 35 mm and with a minimum of equipment. 
My favorite location is definitely a beach preferably with back light.

My clients are mainly in advertising. 

In my free time (when I'm not shooting or retouching) I spent time with my dogs, I love nature and gardening. 

Thanks for visiting my site. 

Have a nice day. Enjoy life.